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Truck Repair?

Electrical Problems?


Mechanical Problems?

Crossroads Repair

Crossroads Repair shops are a full-service truck and trailer repair. We are experienced in servicing everything from heavy trucks to trailers, and buses. If you are hauling, we can repair Reefer units & recharge or repair electronic diagnostic equipment. 


Our Services



- Full-Service Bee Line Alignment


- Truck & Trailer Parts

- Tire Sales and Repairs

- Tune-ups

- Frame Stretching

- Installation of Pusher & Tag Axles

- Installation of Hydraulic & Wet Kits

- Installation of PTO


-Installation of Pneumatic Blowers

About Us


Crossroads Repair is located in Jamestown, ND. In 2012, we opened a Crossroads Repair shop in Tioga, ND, offering all of the same repair and towing services as our Jamestown branch.

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